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Rico Cohn Released – Judy’s Reaction

Charges Dropped Against Nina’s Accused Killer

Audio Interview with Key Witness – Scroll to the bottom to hear the entire conversation

Trial set for August 2015

Trial delayed

Suspect Found Fit to Stand Trial in Nina Ingram Murder Case

Police Make Arrest in the Death of Nina Ingram

CNC Punishment Forum


5 thoughts on “News Archive

  1. I am Ninas aunt Barbara. Was not with her a lot, but she was a kind sweet hearted person with personality everyone loved. Have seen my sis (Ninas mom) in secret pain that justice keeps on being delayed. God hasten the day when Justice will be served and carried out to the letter. All my Love to Judy,Noah,Nelson,June, Teresa and to ALL who loves her (myself included).

  2. Has there been any movement in this case??? Has a trial date been set? It doesn’t seem like there is much media coverage. šŸ˜¦

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