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Many have asked how they can get involved. You can help the foundation realize its goal of creating an entity that can help the community at large by either donating to the cause or educating people about the Nina Ingram Foundation’s mission.

Please feel free to share your thoughts with us! We are slowly getting the foundation together and would appreciate any help or connections that may help.

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9 thoughts on “Contact NIF

  1. July 12th, 2015. Please watch the website for more details about the foundation as it’s reality comes to pass. Thank you! Judy Ingram.

  2. It is March 13th, and I just wanted to say that as I stated in the previous section, that I am actively working to get The Nina Ingram Foundation operational, and intend to pursue until it is accomplished. If you would like to contribute or have more questions, please follow the instructions on this part if the website. Purchasing her book and advertising it would be a great help. Thank you for your assistance and support in making this happen. Judy Ingram.

    • Ms. Ingram, as we all just learned, the prime suspect in your daughter’s murder has been released. I am wondering if you are familiar with a TNT television show called “Cold Justice”? This show focuses on a team of investigators that specializes in unsolved cases, and they can bring additional resources in to assist the local law enforcement agency in developing leads, re-interviewing witnesses, and re-testing physical evidence. I don’t know if Fayetteville police have previously contacted them, but given this latest development, I cannot imagine why they could not ask for an additional (or first time) review of this case. The cases have to be submitted by the law enforcement agency involved; you are a wonderful advocate for your daughter and I feel that they would certainly listen to you if you contacted them. The website is: and it says they are actively seeking unsolved cases. I did not know your daughter, but she seems to have been a wonderful young lady who does deserve justice. With warm regards, Vicky Strange

  3. We are praying for the trial to be on the week of March 10th, 2014, and some time after this, I am hoping to get Nina”s Foundatiom started. If you desire to contribute, please post your questions of this website. They will be addressed. Thank you very much. Judy Ingram.

  4. Thanks for all of the continued support in working toward The Nina Ingram Foundation. Happy Birthday , Nina, on Oct 1st. Miss and love you very much. All of your family and friends. Mama.

  5. Judy, I only found out friday, that someone had been arrested in this case. I miss you, and hope you are happy!! Whitney

  6. Nina would be very pleased with this news, and as her mother, I certainly am, and I am thankful to God that Nina, did, is, and always will, touch many lives. In profound ways, with the divine gift from God placed inside her. Thanks again for your kind comments, and may Nina continue to always make you go forward with her smile.

  7. It is April22nd, 2012, the 6th anniversary of my precious Nina’s untimely death. We are no farther into closure from the day that this happened, but, I have no doubt that God has the perpertrator’s days numbered until he is found and closure comes. I sincerely appreciate every support and prayer and effort in Nina’s behalf. I am not sufficient within myself to do this, but I know that God is and pray that He will personally thank you in some way for all that you have done and continue to do in Nina’s behalf. I press on, and move on with my life, as I know this is what Nina would want, and what God is able to accomplish if I trust in Him. I absolutely know that HE will turn this tragedy around, and much good will come from it. The Foundation is getting closer to getting off of the ground, and with the right amount of funds, it will be operational. I have no doubt. I also speak well of my other three children, Jeremiah, Nelson , and Noah. They bless me beyond measure, and I thank God for them, and treasure them in a special way in my heart, and will continue to be the Mom for them that God has ordained for me to be, and Hats off to them for their stamina and perserverance. God Bless You All. Judy Ingram, Nina’s mother.

    • Judy, Nina was a dear friend of mine and a fellow loss prevention associate. I miss her dearly, but I wanted to let you know that her tragedy inspired me to return to school, for my degree in criminal justice. I graduated last November, and it was the memories of her that kept me going when times got hard. I wanted to let you know that your angel touched me in my life and I have been forever changed because of her. I hope and pray everyday that you know that those of us who knew her keep you and your family in our prayers. Today marks a great day that justice will finally be done for your daughter and her killer will be brought to justice. I will continue in my studies and hope to help on any future cases. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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