About the NIF

The purpose of the Nina Ingram Foundation is to offer guidance to parents and children who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

This is a non-profit organization to help families through the bereavement process, offer support where it is needed most and to help the families pick up the pieces of their lives and continue to grow and learn to move on with their lives through the support of others.

Families who are in need of financial aide for the purpose of furthering education through our scholarship program, for health cost, clothing, food, tutoring, and any other basic needs as determined by the foundation.

The mission of the Nina Ingram Foundation is to honor the life and loving spirit of Bethany Nina June Ingram. She was a loving daughter and sister, caring friend, and a passionate and dedicated student who always found time to give to others. She touched many lives and continues to do so through those that loved her. We hope this foundation and memorial site can do justice to the wonderful soul that we had the honor of knowing.



5 thoughts on “About the NIF

  1. April 25th, 2021
    I am hoping and praying for this long and awaited foundation will come true to life this year! I need your prayers!

  2. On July1st, in an unwanted change of events, the murder suspect that was locked up, was released from the Washington County jail because the key witness for the prosecution passed away from a heart ailment in the Spring, and no other credible witness was found for Nina’s defence. Therefore the prosecuting attorney had no choice to release the accused. This was yet another damaging blow for Nina’s justice. Because of many continuences and time passing, this important evidence, was no more. However, slowly but surely, the efforts for The Nina Ingram Foundation will continue until it becomes legal, so think not that this unwanted end will stop this. More information will be given concerning this as it happens. Please check the website for updates. Thank you! Judy Ingram!

  3. Nina’s trial is a few months away, but, for now, I am actively pursuing The Nina Ingram Foundation, and will not relent until it is fully operational. I deeply appreciate allow the wonderful support given to Nina this endeavor. Soon it will be a reality and many lives can be helped. Please look at the other NIF insert for more information. Thank you! Judy Ingram.

  4. I have been talking about The Nina Ingram Foundation for a few years now, but hopefully and prayerfully, some time after the trial, it WILL become a reality. Lack of funds has been an obstacle in making this a reality, but I am praying that soon this will not be a factor. if you have questions concerning this, please post your questions or comments on this website, and they will be answered. Thank you so kindly. Judy Ingram.

  5. Nina would turn 28 on Oct 1st. I do feel that The Nina Ingram Foundation is closer to becoming a reality, and will keep you posted. Thanks for all of Nina’s supporters, to say the very least. God Bless you all. JudyIngram.

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