Nina senior 2003As of July 1, 2015 the prime suspect, Rico Cohn, was set free. The circumstances were because the key witness died before they were able to give testimony in the trial. The details that were given match the exact crime scene that have not been released to the public.  Because of this, we have no doubt it was him. He was let out because it is best to keep the case open because if they had tried him and lost, he would never be able to be tried for it again when more evidence or witnesses come forward. There are others who were with him that night who know the truth. The case is still considered open and if you know anything about this case, please help us keep someone else’s family from having to go through this and come forward. Please contact Detective Brooks or Detective Mackey at the Fayetteville Police Department at police@fayetteville-ar.gov or by calling 479-587-3555. It’s been 9 long years and we aren’t giving up. Please don’t let this happen to another family.

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After this news, we must still move forward and make sure Nina’s life is not forgotten. This was devastating to the family and everyone working on the case from the Fayetteville police department.  We can’t do anything else in this case for now unless there is more cooperation from those who know what happened. However, we can focus on the Nina Ingram Foundation. The foundation will be to help families that lost their family members through murder. The pain and loss that we feel continue through each holiday, birthday, and the events that she’s missing. If the foundation can help the family of another who is going through this type of tragedy, through counseling, financial assistance, tutoring for siblings, assistance that helps them move on with their own lives, then she is lives on through them. Nina always thought of others and this is the way we know would honor her.

You can learn more about Nina, the book “The Brightest Star” written by her mother about Nina’s life and tragic death, see a photo gallery, or send us a message.



23 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. April 12, 2016
    Ten days from now will mark ten years since Nina’s life was taken. Yes! We are all continuing with our lives, but this rippling effect will remain throughout our lives. The pain is no less after 10 years, and Nina is missed so very much.
    We have not only dealt with her senseless death, but the 10 years now of long awaited justice that never came, as it is traditionally is done, adds to our pain. We know that God will avenge her death, but we would liked to have seen this happen as it normally should have occurred.
    The Foundation is very close to being operational. I will not stop until happens, for I know many will benefit from it.
    Nina, I know you are not worried about all of this fuss over you….you are in total bliss, and we would never take you away from there. One day we will see you again. But, while we are here and you there, we WILL celebrate your life always and forever, and the love you have for us, in our hearts. We miss your precious smile and caring, compassionate, and laid back…YOU!
    We send our hugs and kisses to you in a big way. On your tombstone are the Roman words “AVE NINA.” In the days of Ceasar’s of Rome…the people would salute them in honor of his position…it means “Hail Ceasar.” So to you today from your Mom and all those that love you and miss you. “HAIL NINA.” We honor you and salute you!

    • Hello sweetlady,
      Your mom said everything perfect. Would not change a word. We think of you; love you ; and and miss you and your sweet smile every day!
      Love You Nina,
      Allen and Aunt Barbara

  2. We are praying that Nina’s foundation grows and helps many more hurting hearts and families that are struggling and going through same or similar situations.

  3. It is July 10th, 2015. I am adding some very unwanted, and undeserving news concerning justice for Nina! There was to be a trial beginning August 14th, of 2015, but now, this is not going to happen. The delaying of the trial, for whatever legal reasons were given, has cost much more pain to the family that had dealt with this for so long. The key witness for the prosecution passed away with medical issues earlier this year, and there was not another credible witness to provide conviction for Nina’s perpetrator. The prosecution was forced to call off the trial and release the prisoner. The investigative team does have a clause in this event for what one would call an extended chance to pursue and possibly find evidence in this case for trial. On July 1st, the prisoner was released.

    Whenever this website is updated there will be an audio recorded statement that I made at the press conference., and probably more news data. The family and I are without words in this ongoing saga that was ended this way. Numbing pain came to all of us. As a woman and mother of faith, God says in the Bible that “Vengenance is Mine, I will Repay, Saith The Lord.” I know in due time, this perpetrator will pay dearly for this crime. I want to again thank everyone who worked and poured out their heart to me and the family in this situation. I shall never forget it, and God will bless you immensely for your act of kindness and compassion. I intend now, to become very serious about The Nina Ingram Foundation. You may read more about it under the menu selection.

    Even though Nina is not with us, I believe she is looking down from Heaven, and seeing this situation, and telling us to “chill,” and not make a big issue over her. This is an example of her unselfish personality, and love for those she cared about. We know that she is with Jesus, in Heaven, where there is perfection and bliss that we can only imagine. But, I must say, in my own heart, as I speak from Mama’s point of view and for all the family and those who love and miss her so much. “Nina! We love you and miss you so very much, and we are hurt and so sorry that this killer did not come to justice. I know where you are it doesn’t matter. Your Mama will never give up until I see this man come to justice, and I know God will take care of him, and you will live on in our lives forever until we see you again, and your legacy will last and prevail through your Foundation, where many will be helped as you would want them to be. If we all could, we would wrap our arms around you and tell you just how much we love you and miss you, and always will.” Mama and all of us who love you!

  4. Judy,

    I’m in awe of your courage and commitment to Christ even in the most difficult times. I’m prayerful God will grant you peace and pour His blessings over you in the weeks to come. You are a light for Him in every way. Exodus 14:14

  5. Even though it has been nearly 8 years since my precious Nina was taken in a violent crime, I love her and miss her bright shining face and illuminating smile just as much now as then. I am thankful; to God for the indelible influence that she left eternally in the lives of others. I pray that her smile will continue to brighten your days for the rest of your life. God Bless You Each one. I love you Nina. I hear you saying “Whatup Mom?” I am doing just fine. You sure are making a big fuss over me. Just “chill” Mom. Everything is going to be ok. You know that I don’t like to see you cry. I am right beside You!”

  6. I still think about Nina everyday. I know that she is safe where she is and that I was so blessed and lucky to call her my friend. I can still hear that laugh and see that smile, the one with braces and without. I remember the day she got them off, I don’t think she could drive fast enough to work to show us!! She loved us so much and made sure that we knew that. Jolly Green Giant, is what I called her. Mostly because it made her laugh when I would see her and say Ho, Ho, Ho Green Gaint!! And then she would call me her short stuff. I would tease her to get things off the top shelf and she would say only if you get that on the bottom one. I was a part of her life, she ended up being a huge part of mine. Someone not only took her from us, they took a part of us. I’ll be in the courtroom everyday that I can and he will know that she was my friend and I love her. I will wear my pink ribbon that I’ve worn for almost 8 years now. It’s tattered and worn but it still as beautiful as her. I send you all my love and know that Nina will live as long as someone loves her and I love her.

  7. I didn’t know Nina personally but she has changed my life forever in a very strong way. My life will NEVER be the same! But I will do my part to see justice is served so miss judy’s star can keep shining bright!

  8. Today is the 7th anniversary of Nina’s untimely death, but her legacy and memory still burns within, and will always do so. I am deeply grateful to God that someone has been arrested in her case, and am fully confident that God will finish the process of Justice for one so very dear, and who is missed very much. Thank each of you who support Nina and love her with all that is within me….I will forever be grateful to each of those people, and pray that God will somehow show them my gratitude. The next step will be the trial and justice. Nina,, keep on shining brightly……I love you soo much. Mama

  9. I worked with Nina at the Neighborhood Market until she transferred to the (then new) Lowell store. She trained me to do her job at our small store before she left. I don’t think I could’ve ever really filled her shoes. She really was one of those people who had only nice things said about her. It was and is still such a shock that anyone could harm her. I wish she had been given more time on this earth. I had the privileged of spending time with her outside of work only three or four times & would’ve loved to have known her better. I know if she impacted my life in the way she did in such a short time, there are surely so many more people out there missing her.

  10. At this time, which is near Nina’s birthday on October 1st, it is with a grateful heart and thanksgiving to God, that someone has been arrest in Nina’s case, and this is a big step toward the justice she needs and so deserves, and gives those connected with her some much needed closure. The trial date is at a later date, but the step that has been made as of now, does take away some of the unknown that troubled us for quite some time. Thank God! Happy Birthday, Nina! on October 1st. We love you beyond words. Mama, and all those who love you.

  11. I am responding to all the kind words in Nina’s behalf, and my heart is touched beyond measure. I know that only God above could have produced such a treasure and blessing to those who knew her, and those that only read about her. It pleases me well that her life here on this earth was not in vain. God made every minute count, and it to Him, and not me, or even Nina, that this credit belongs. To those out there please continue to look at her smile, or see it in her picture and know that whenever you do, a special peace and joy will fill your life each time this happens. Her influence will never end, God has seen to that. Thank you once more. Judy Ingram, Nina’s mother.

  12. I did not know Nina, personally. I began working at store #144 in Fayetteville, nearly two years after she was already gone.
    The day of my interview for a position there, I was sitting in what used to be the layaway area (now, dotcom.) and I noticed a wall of faces, and I was just looking at the names and faces of those who had worked in the store, and had passed.. My eyes rested on three of the faces after realizing how very young these few people were at the time of their passing. One, a man named Will who I beleive was in his early twenties, a young man named Billy (I think) and this beautiful, young woman with an infectious and bright smile, Bethany “Nina” Ingram. I stared at her face for nearly five minutes before being called away to my interview, and left, still thinking of how very young she was and how nice it must have been to have worked with her. Even through her picture, you could see in her eyes that she was genuinely happy-go-lucky and probably didn’t have one bad day or negative thing to say about anyone.
    After I got on at Walmart, I kept coming back to the wall of heroes for one thing or another.. spending my break wondering why these three individuals passed away with so much youth, like myself. (I was only 18.) On another day, I was in the dotcom area, for my break, eating a quick snack, and I needed to go back toward the new receiving area, so I passed through the single door that leads to the backroom area and noticed a corkboard to my right with some pictures attached to it. I recognized her again. One was a picture of her, wearing an oversized hoodie and from the looks of the photo, she did not want her picture taken.. the other, a bright-eyed, huge smile radiating from it.
    I went back to work, unloading the trucks on that side of the store and asked my friend about her, as he had worked there for several years. He told me that she had been murdered in her apartment and that she had worked in Loss Prevention. There were no words.
    I could not fathom this as a possibility and I asked him who would do such a thing.. He told me they never ended up arresting anyone in connection with her murder and that everyone at the store who had known Nina, missed her. He said he hardly ever saw her, but that she would always smile at him and ask him how he was that day.
    A couple years went by, and I was discussing the probability of Nina’s murderer never being caught because of the amount of time that had passed and I started doing my own research on the case. (As much as Google would allow, anyways) To my surprise, a book had been written about Nina’s life. I found it on Amazon, ordered it, but decided I couldn’t wait that long to read it and ended up getting buying it again, in the form of an ebook. I read the entire book from cover to cover.
    AMAZING story, and an extraordinary person.. I wish I could have known her.
    I left Walmart a few months back, and I had thought about those faces on the wall, and read Nina’s story once more since then..and then, two days ago on my commute to work in Springdale, I heard the radio personality say “An arrest has been made in a 6 year old murder case..” and I knew it was Nina’s case. I cried, tears of joy.. I told everyone at my new job, educated them on the story of her life and legacy, and Googled the headlines at least four dozen times in hopes of finding out any new information or about the evidence linking this man to her murder.. to my disappointment, I didn’t find any different information than I had the first time I had looked it up.

    I did not know Nina, but I wanted to. I will be praying for you every day and praying that they have nabbed the right man and have the evidence to back it up. I know this doesn’t get any easier with time, but there will be justice, and I will be behind you every step of the way. You are loved and supported worldwide! Thank you for your persistence and unfaltering desire for your daughter’s justice! You are an amazing person, and it’s very easy to see where she got her drive from!


  13. It has been six years since Nina was unsensibly murdered, and the closure seems to come so very slowly, but, God, I know has numbered his days until he is revealed. This is an absolute fact. I am so deeply grateful for the many prayers and support that have been given in Nina’s behalf during these years, and we must not give up, yet, proceed productively with our lives as Nina would so desire for us to do. Please continue to get the word out about Nina everywhere, and expose her case so that just maybe someone will know something, and speak up and closure will come. Thanks again, everyone. May God’s richest blessings be yours for all that you have done and continue to do. The includes the untold hours of the police and investigative force in this case. Sincerely, Judy Ingram, Nina’s mother.

  14. I know nina’s mom and have seen her great faith in action. I am praying that the Lord Jesus will reveal the one who did this. Six years is a long time for this family to wait for justice!

  15. Proud to have known Nina! Wonderful young lady that had dreams and ambitions.
    “The Brightest Star” is a great book……buy it…..and let it bless your life.

  16. Want to say am sooo blessed to have a precious neice like Nina. She was and still such a blessing to me and to all who knew her. Love You Nina, Aunt Barbara

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