About Nina Ingram

Bethany Nina June Ingram was born October 1, in Grand Prairie, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, the only girl of four children. She grew up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas, area until about the age of eight years, and then she moved to a different part of Texas with me, her mother. At age fifteen, she moved once again with me and two of her brothers to Arkansas and there remained until her tragic death in April 2006.

Nina was always an outgoing person and had a strong will to accomplish what she set her heart to. She left trails of smiles and laughter as a never-ending stream. She always left a supernatural impact on each person she met. An encounter that left them forever changed.

Nina was always trying to better herself. She generously provided help to everyone she met and assisted me and brothers religiously. She was mature and responsible beyond her years. She knew the financial struggles of a single mom and knew well how to balance her own checkbook as well as her mom’s. Her heart had a very dear and special place for children, and they would cling to her like glue. Her charisma with them was a gift from God. She adored them and hated to see them struggling, no matter what their problems were, and if they were abused, or even killed, she became very angry and upset. In the same manner, if hurt or harm came to anyone she cared for, she would display her concerns very strongly, and in an extreme circumstance would fight for their behalf. She so wanted everyone to be happy and made it her plight in life to see that it held true and strong. Nina minded her own business, went to school, and performed her job well.

She was an exceptionally hard worker, loved God with all of her heart, and loved her life. She had a hard time understanding a person that would profess one thing and do another. She did not waste a lot of time on people like this. She hated drugs and never touched them. In her lifetime, she never had a wreck or received a traffic ticket, and adamantly stayed away from wild parties. She was loved by many, and they only had good words to say about her. She did not have a single enemy.

Excerpt from “The Brightest Star” by Judy Ingram

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3 thoughts on “About Nina Ingram

  1. Nina, I think now that justice will soon come for you. I sure miss your smile and the light that shone so brightly around you. But I feel that it will always shine, for you, indeed are “The Brightest Star.” I know that I will miss out on your wedding, you giving birth, and you receiving your college diploma, and your cute little remarks that were a trademark for you, but I feel the God-given Nina Ingram Foundation will certainly give light and life to the many that it will touch. I know that it will be you touching them as only you can. What was meant for bad, will be multiplied enormously good, and we all will knw that your light never went out, but will sine brighter than ever. I love you, sweet Nina. Mama.

  2. On Oct 1st, Nina would turn 28 years old, and I can just imagine what she would be doing. More than likely she would be married by now and very close, if not fully accomplished, her goal of a 4 year business degree. Whatever Nina determined in her heart to do, she would complete, to better herself and be the person she knew that God wanted her to be. Not only did she want to better herself, but she would continue the saga of making others happy and laugh and enjoying her family to the fullest. One smile from her to another, always and forever changed their countenance, and made an immovable and everlasting imprint upon their hearts. Because someone so carelessly and without remorse took her life, much of what I have spoken about will not happen. However, to all of those who knew her and was related to her, or just saw her smile, or just read about her, know that what was contained within her will live on and never die. How God makes a person who they are and places special qualities within, can never be taken away by any evil perpetrator. They may have snuffed out her life here on earth, but never, ever in our hearts, and one day in Heaven, we will see her again. Happy Birthday, Nina. We all love and miss you so very much. Mama sends you a great big kiss.

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